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Classes at Safari Science

Classes for children with specialized interests in animals and science


Classes at Safari Science

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Online Classes

May Classes

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Learning and practicing skill is the best way to learn. Safari Science classes provide positive feedback. There are no tests, no grades, just exploring and learning.

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Fall Class Registration Opens Wednesday May 24th 2017

Maker Workshops

Making, inventing and building things is the best way to learn. Not only are you developing skills, you're also learning how things work. Making is a language. The more you learn, from sculpting, wiring, rigging, decorating, the more you learn how things work, and you'll have an amazing time while doing it.

  • Discover new interests
  • Learn how things work
  • Be an inventor

Currently available for ages 7 to 11

Creature Clubs

There's something amazing about animals. Creature clubs have interactive lessons and discussions about animals, habitats, animal care, zoology combined with live animal interactions and fun animal related projects.

  • Interact with animals
  • Learn about nature
  • Understand zoology

With programs from inventing, animal care, and coding your child may discover a new passion that could turn into a successful carrier in the future. Plant the seeds now for a bright and amazing future.

Tuition Fees

Creature Club

  • Single Session 60 Minutes $22+tax per child
  • Full Course Registration (Fall) 10x 60 Minute Sessions: $219+tax

Maker Workshop

  • Single Session 75 Minutes $29*+tax per child
  • Full Course Registration (Fall) 10x 75 Minute Sessions: $259*+tax

*Some Maker programs may have additional costs due to the materials required for the program. Any additional costs will be posted in the program description.

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