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Evening Classes for Kids

Explore the World with Animals

Fall Term 2017 - Register Today

Junior Veterinarians

Does your child dream of one day becoming a veterinarian? In this class participants will learn about what it takes to be a vet. Each class keeps the kids busy with animal interactions, animal know how, role-playing pet emergencies, mock surgeries and more. This class is for kids who want to take their passion for helping animals to the next level.

Animal Experts

Does your child enjoy nature documentaries more than popular kids shows? If your child loves to soak up fun facts and information about all kinds of animals, they'll love this program. Each class starts with an energized fact filled animal presentation, followed by an exciting animal knowledge game show and finishing with live animal interactions for everyone to enjoy.

Zoo Keepers Academy

Does your child wish they could keep every animal they meet? This class will give them their fill of animal fun. This animal focused class is all about playing with and caring for animals. Participants will engage in a wide range of animal care activities including animal socialization,  grooming, feeding, housing, and more. Each week participants will meet and enjoy quality time with three new animals, from geckos to chinchillas, and everything in between.

Fall 2017 Class Schedule

Fall Term Starts September 19th 2017

Program Duration:

One hour per week for 10 consecutive weeks


Our after school classes are for children ages 6 to 12.

Fall Term Class Fees:

$239+tax for 10 one hour classes. Each class has a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 participants.

*** Early Bird Rate: Only $219+tax When you Register Before June 30th 2017 ***

Class Schedule:

Tuesdays: Junior Veterinarians 4:00pm & 6:30pm

Wednesdays: Animal Experts 4:00pm & 6:30pm

Thursdays: Zoo Keepers Academy 4:00pm & 6:30pm

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