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Birthday Parties for Kids

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There were many tears of laughter, and huge smiles ...we are truly grateful!

-Christian Adelle


Communication was impeccable ...answered all my questions promptly.

-Jennifer Trinh


Was educational and fun for all the ages at the party ranging from 3-14 ...he had the kids engaged

-Candace Chase


Was very enthusiastic and kept the kids really entertained! Thank you so much for a great experience!

-Riham Gouda

Birthday Party Programming

Party with Animals & Science

Get up close and personal with exotic live animals and mind blowing science experiments! Choose from a variety of feature shows and hands-on workshops to create the perfect show custom-tailored to your child’s specific interests! All of our shows can be enjoyed at your home, venue or right here at Safari Science!

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Feature Shows

Chances are you've seen a magic show before, or have an idea what they are like. Our feature shows are like a magic show, but feature live animals or science experiments instead of magic tricks. The presenter engages the kids, teaches them fun facts and gets them laughing and interacting with the animals or science experiments.

  • Super Science - An exciting variety of visually pleasing science experiments you help with
  • Radical Reptiles - Meet and interact with snakes lizards turtles frogs and more
  • Cute Critters - All the cute fluffy animals we have in one adorable show that is fun for all
  • Reptiles & Critters - When you want to meet both furry and scaly animals

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Science Workshops

If you've ever been to an art class you'll have an idea what our workshops are like, but instead of making art, the kids will be elbow deep in conducting their own amazing science experiments. Workshops are great when you want more than just a show for your party to make the experience extra special for your child.

  • Bubble Mania - Make all kinds of bubbles of all shapes and sizes
  • Science Potions - Mix your own science potions with dry ice
  • Polymer Party - Magic rainbow snow & special PVA slime

Detailed Program Descriptions are Below

Birthday Party Packages


Classic Party

  • One feature show of your choice
  • 45 minute show at your home
  • Part of a 2 hour party at Safari Science

Deluxe Party

  • One feature show plus one Workshop of your choice
  • 45 minute show + 30 minute workshop at your home
  • Part of a 2.5 hour party at Safari Science

Epic Party

  • One feature show plus two Workshops of your choice
  • 45 minute show + 2x 30 minute workshops at your home
  • Part of a 3 hour party at Safari Science

Birthday Party Schedule

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Birthday Party Prices

Safari Science birthday parties are interactive performances with live exotic animals and science experiments where your child is the star of the show. 

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I've had both of my daughters' parties here and loved it

- Jennifer Elkins

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*Travel fees may apply for at home parties


The kids are still talking about it!

- Deanna Patchett

Educational and fun for all the ages at the party ranging from 3-14!

- Candace Chase

The kids were highly engaged and eager to see the animals and be part of the experiments.

- Jodee Brown 

 Was able to capture all their attention, even the parents

- Neil Bulauitan 

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Detailed Show & Workshop Descriptions

Feature Shows

Part of Every Safari Science Party

Feature shows are the main event at every Safari Science birthday party. These shows are interactive, funny, and entertaining; so much so that the kids won’t even realize how much they’re learning!

Our performance style often leads to the adults in our audiences to be just as entertained and engaged as the children. Grab your camera and take plenty of pics because in these shows smiles are inevitable!

What happens at a show?

At parties, our goal is to make the kids laugh as they learn as they enjoy a fun filled educational experience with animals or science. 

Setting up the Show

The show will begin with your Safari Science presenter gathering the children and setting them up in audience seating formation. We need about 5 feet of “stage space” between the audience and performer (if we are performing at your house a family room is usually plenty of space).

Greetings & Salutations

Your presenter will spend a few minutes getting to know the children, as they lay out what to expect, and what is expected of them during the presentation. The presenter audience connection is what makes a presentation a wonderful and meaningful experience for everyone. 

Experiencing the Animals

We've carefully selected the line up of animals for each of the animal based shows we offer to consider theme and variety, habitat, habits, size and appearance.

Each animal is given a grandiose introduction before being revealed. Animals will come out one at a time for the children to meet. The educational content for each animal is fun and relatable to to the audience.

You presenter will spend time answering questions, sharing fun animal facts and assisting the children in holding or petting each animal guest. 

Experiencing the Science 

Science shows are similar to a magic show where audience engagement and impressive demonstrations are made. Experiments are conducted one at a time with exciting build up and anticipation. Audience members are always part of the experiment being demonstrated.

While we show the same or similar science experiments to all ages (with a few exceptions) the way the experiment is presented is dependant on the age, and energy of the audience. We make the show fit the audience, rather than attempting to force the audience to fit the show.

What Will the Kids Learn?

Learning comes from knowledge explained, and knowledge gained through experience. Safari Science programs make sure children enjoy both types of learning. Head knowledge learning is always made to be relatable to the audience. Interactive learning is always safe and closely supervised. 

Who's the Star of the Show? 

It's your child's birthday, so of course they receive star treatment. They will be brought up to volunteer more than any other person in the audience, and get to do special birthday-kid only stuff during the experience – after all it’s their special day!

Summon Your Inner Photographer

We encourage photos to be taken throughout the show and do our very best to create perfect photo opportunities for you – but don’t hesitate to ask your presenter for a specific shot if you missed one!

End of the Show

Every feature show ends with a grande finale, once the show is done, we give a shout out to the birthday girl or boy, and send the kids off to wash their hands. 

After the Feature Show at Home

For a Classic Party at your home, the presenter will pack up the animals, say goodbye to you and the birthday child, and be on their way to their next show. 

For a Deluxe Party the children will take a few minutes to eat their meal (not the cake, save that for later) while your Safari Scientist sets up your workshop.

After the Feature Show at Safari Science

For an at Safari Science Classic Party, when your feature show is complete, you'll be invited into the dining area to serve and enjoy the meal and cake you brought for the celebrations.

For an at Safari Science Deluxe Party, the children will take a few minutes to eat their meal (not the cake, save that for later) while your Safari Scientist sets up your workshop.

At Safari Science Dance Party

For the final 30 minutes of your party the lights will be turned off and lasers switched on. Cue music and fog machine. Watch in awe as the children undoubtedly dance their faces off during the Safari Science Laser Dance Party!

Let us DJ or bring in your own music on a headphone jack enabled device! When the party ends, we ask that you load out your things from the party room within 15 minutes, as we have more awesome birthday parties to host!

Radical Reptiles Feature


Fascinating exotic creatures from around the world that are sure to impress any group! This show is all about scales, shells, fangs, and claws. But don’t worry, they’re all friendly!

This show features 9 amazing animals that are fun and safe to touch and hold! Be amazed by our biggest and longest reptiles that are reserved exclusively for this incredible show.

Includes: 3 snakes, 3 lizards, tortoise, tree frog, tarantula

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Cute Critters Feature


This is the show for those who want to play with some of the cutest animals from around the world. This party has no snakes or spiders – only cute stuff makes it into this show! Get ready for some adorable pictures with 9 incredible animals that everyone is sure to melt over.

Includes: chinchilla, rabbit, hedgehog, dove, guinea pig, hamster, tree frog, gecko, baby tortoise.

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Reptiles & Critters Feature


Sometimes it's just too hard to choose between reptiles and critters. If you want cool scales and fluffy cuddles then the Reptiles & Critters show is for you.

Includes: 2 snakes, 2 lizards, tortoise, hedgehog, tree-frog, chinchilla, rabbit.

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Super Science Feature

Get ready for 45 minutes of back to back science action that will have your group amazed and laughing the whole time. Participate in exciting science experiments that will surprise and impress both children and adults.

This show includes our best dry ice experiments which will dazzle both your eyes and mind. Science has never been this much fun!

Safari Science on Breakfast Television

Safari Science Reptile Party Highlights

The Workshops

For your Deluxe or Epic Party

Get everyone into the mix and hands-on! Our workshops take the fun to the next level.

Pick a Science Workshop to let every guest at your child’s party mix and make their very own science experiment, guided by the expert instructions from your Safari Science host.

Or pick an Animal Workshop for kids who crave maximum animal interactions. They will spend time learning and practicing animal handling techniques, and maybe even feed the animals if they’re hungry!


Watch a Potions Workshop in Action


Polymer Party Workshop

Do your kids go crazy for slime? Do you want to see some impressive instant reactions? The Polymer Workshop is a blast to do, and you even get to keep what you make! Part one is making instant magic rainbow snow. What makes it magic? You’ll have to see for yourself! Part two is making gooey green slime. It's just as much fun to play with your creations as it is to make them. The Polymer workshop is an awesome sensory experience for children of all ages.


Science Potions Workshop

Want to mix and play with awesome science potions? Want to use real lab equipment? The Potions Workshop always impresses the parents, and the kids love it too. The science potions are made with water, dry ice and a super secret ingredient. The potions are colourful, bubbly and create an awesome vapour that looks magical. The potions workshop is for kids who love mixing and experimenting.


Bubble Mania Workshop

Bubbles,Bubbles,Bubbles! Everyone loves bubbles. Why are they round? Why are they rainbow? Woah you can do that with a bubble!? The Safari Science bubble workshops is an exciting journey that tests the limits of the crazy stuff you can do with bubbles. Bounce bubbles on your hand, make bubbles bigger than yourself. Ever heard of a bubble snake!? This hands-on bubble experience makes bursting your bubble fun!


Rad Reptiles Workshop

The Reptile Workshop is great for groups who want to spend some extra quality time with the reptiles. Also great for adding an animal component to your science party. Spend 30 minutes of quality time with snakes, lizards and tortoises. Children will be able to pet and hold each animal, and if you have some fruit on hand, we can try to feed the Blue Tongue Skink and Red Foot Tortoise too!


Cute Critters Workshop

For groups who want to spend extra quality time with the cute furry creatures like chinchillas and rabbits. A great way to add furry creatures to a reptile show or to a science show. Spend 30 minutes of quality time with the furry five, which include a hedgehog, guinea pig, hamster, chinchilla and rabbit. The critter workshop is the best way to satisfy anyone’s need to cuddle adorable creatures.

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Birthday Party FAQ


Classic all age groups, Deluxe ages 6 and up, Epic Ages 8 and up.

Group Sizes

We won't ask you to count children that are too young to participate in the program.


There is no charge for adults, we just ask that they be on their best behaviour so the kids can enjoy the programming.

Travel Fees

Listed rates are for local parties which includes Milton, Mississauga, Oakville, and Burlington. Other areas likely require a travel fee. If you're in Toronto the travel fee is $49.


At Safari Science the entire facility is exclusively for your group. Click for facility photos & info.

Who is Safari Science?

We're a team. At any given time we have 8-10 enthusiastic presenters who love to teach and entertain children about animals and science.

Age Appropriateness
Your party programming will be tailored to the age of your group. Safari Science programming is recommended for children JK to Grade 8. Mixed ages also work well, our programming fascinates everyone, teens & parents often enjoy the experience as much as the kids.

Party Locations
Enjoy at your home, venue, a ROCK Centre in Burlington, or at our spacious party place in Oakville.

Food & Supplies
You provide food, drinks, and the children. We provide plates, forks and napkins when your party is at Safari Science.

Group Sizes
For 30 or less active participants, most of our parties are for 10 to 18 children.

Party Packages
All party packages allow children get to touch animals and/or try science experiments. Classic Parties include an energetic show of your choice. Deluxe Parties have a workshop in addition to your show. Epic Parties have two workshops in addition to your show.

Shows & Workshops
Each are exciting hands-on experiences. Shows provide variety and entertainment. Workshops, the kids do everything with guidance from your host. For the full Safari Science experience book a party with show and workshop.

At Safari Science Party Durations
Classic - 2.0 hours of party time. Deluxe - 2.5 hours of party time. Epic - 3.0 hours of party time. Order food for the top of the second hour of your party. Serve cake after the last workshop and before the dance party.

At Home Party Durations
Classic - One full 45 minute interactive show. Deluxe - We'll be there for about 2.0 hours to allow for your 45 minute show, meal break, and 30 minute workshop. Epic - We'll be there for about 2.5 hours to allow for your 45 minute show, meal break, and two 30 minute workshops. Serve cake after the last workshop.

The Legendary Safari Science Dance Party
Parties at Safari Science include the legendary dance party. We provide the music, lights and special effects. It's the perfect way to complete your party - and burn off the cake.

Reach out and learn with Safari Science. Book your party today!

Create a party unique to your child's interests with animals, science or both.

An encouraging environment that builds kids up and makes kids feel great

Our expert staff clearly love their job and make amazing party experiences

Since 2003 Safari Science has been creating wonderfully entertaining learning experiences that kids love.

Book your Safari Science today for a party you'll love as much as your kids do.

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Safari Science Puts Kids First

We love animals and science because they're an amazing way to inspire kids to love learning. Our presenters are hired based on their passion and ability to work with children. Trust Safari Science for your child's party, we love what we do and we've been at it since 2003.

Snuggle the softest animal in the world, dress up like ancient African royalty and try on living "jewelry" or mix science potions that would impress Frankenstein. Safari Science makes learning fun for everyone.

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