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What would you play?

I spotted, and calculated 1..Rh8, 2.QxR BxB, 3.RxB Qf1, 4.RxQ RxR mate in just under a minute. It's nice looking, yet easy to find.

Black has a "monster" position, and White's queen is out of play. But okay, more realistic analysis might be:

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1..Rh8, 2.QxR BxB, 3.Rg1 Rg6, 4.Ref1 Bg2+, 5.RxB QxRf1+, 6.Rg1 7.QxR mate. I could find all of that with 2 minutes left on my clock, IMHO, because White has no real counter-chances. The attack is all Black's. White doesn't even need to calculate all of that out at once, because it's also intuitive that that would be winning. Even after 1Rh8, 2.Qg6+ RxQ, 3.Rf1 Rf6 Black will be up a rook. White doesn't have enough chances to worry Black at all.

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